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If you have No Money, then Start this Business

March 20, 2019 Sabir Khan

This is Especially for the guys who are into Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Interior Design, Architecture or someone who is in 3D design and Rendering. So with absolutely no money Yes you can Start but with Absolutely fewer Skills, at Read more…

9 Top In-Demand 3D Design Freelancing Skills for Mechanical Engineers

November 20, 2018 Sabir Khan

If you are thinking that mechanical engineering people can’t do creative freelancing as it’s only for computer engineers and IT professional, then read the below freelancing skills that are most in-demand especially curated for Mechanical engineers. Before moving to the Read more…

Best 3D Printing Online Learning Courses and Tutorials

September 3, 2018 Sabir Khan

Do you want to learn about 3D printing? Are you having questions in your mind about how this hot piece of technology works or how to use 3D printers or how to design Product for 3D printing and so on? Read more…

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Best PTC Creo Online courses to learn from experts

August 11, 2018 Sabir Khan

Are you interested and want to excel your career in 3D design? There are lots of 3D modeling software available to learn and train yourself for becoming a 3D modeler, Product Designer, CAD specialist and many more professions. One of Read more…

10 Best Untaught Skills for Mechanical Engineers for Resume and Career Growth

August 8, 2018 Sabir Khan

   That Times Are Long Gone When A Person Is Restricted To Work On His Domain Only. Being A Mechanical Engineer Gives You An Attitude Of Handling Situations More Casually But We Are All Procrastinators, We Think Learning New Skills Read more…

Best 3D Modeling and 2D drafting online courses for Mechanical Engineers

Sabir Khan

3D Modeling And Drafting Are One Of The Main Key Holders In The Field Of Design For Mechanical Engineer. From Initial Conceptualizing To The Actualization Of The Real World Functional Product 3d Modeling And Drafting Plays A Significant Role. Almost Read more…