10 Best Untaught Skills for Mechanical Engineers for Resume and Career Growth


 That Times Are Long Gone When A Person Is Restricted To Work On His Domain Only.
Being A Mechanical Engineer Gives You An Attitude Of Handling Situations More Casually But We Are All Procrastinators, We Think Learning New Skills Takes A Long Time And As We Are Core Engineering Guys, It May Sound Tangential To Learn Skills Or Acquire Knowledge From The Non-Core Environment.
But Let Me Tell You, In Today’s Technological Edge Where Artificial Intelligence Is Started Doing Wonders, We Should Learn New Skills For The Modern Age.
Below Are Top 10 Best Skills That Are From Non-Core Background To Learn Online, But Serves An Important Role In Engineer’s Life To Boost His Career As Well As Best Skills To Put On A Resume.
Use These List Of Skills To Add Plus Points When Applying For The Jobs.

1.MS Excel:
Microsoft Excel is a vast program with lots of great perspectives.It is easy to learn and come with flexible accessibility.It handles the massive amount of data for storing and manipulation of various tasks.
But the question is “How Mechanical Engineer gets benefits from Excel”.We will point out the most probable tasks of mechanical engineers that can be done easily in Microsoft Excel.
1.Managing Inventory in the factories.

2.Keeping clear data for cost and quality of large Assembly components

3.In Research and Development of almost any Mechanical core organization such as changing various parameters and handling large data.

4.Arranging and structuring of Production Planning Operations, Forecasting and scheduling.

5.Filtering, Sorting and Searching of various parameters.

6.Allow combining Brain Storming from various interdisciplinary sectors in a single platform.
The above tasks are not limited, there are lot of more uses of Excel and can be learned online, right from your computer

2.Programming Language:
Does Learning programming language help mechanical engineer?
how can Programming be useful for the mechanical engineer?
but do mechanical Engineers get jobs by learning programming?
and So many questions.
But the answer is Simple “BIG YES”.
Learning programing language is essential not only for Computer engineers but for mechanical engineers too. The reason behind this are so many, let us find out the task that needs programming specifically for mechanical engineering background person.
The most used languages are C, C++, and Python

1.Can be used to solve from small calculations to Huge computational problems.

2.Programing language such as python comes very handy where u might need to use sensors and micro controllers.


For mechanical Engineers, Entrepreneurship skills is must as it give supplement to initiate new businesses and strategies for how to behave and train your mind to process according to the kind of people surround with.
We all dream of starting our own business but some of us remain faded. Turning problems into opportunities is the best thing that an engineer wants to do.
1.Create and track manageable business goals for yourself and your organization

2.Establish better working relationships with colleagues, direct reports, and diverse groups of people.

3.Build confidence towards becoming a lifelong transformational leader both in the workplace and in your life.

4.Benefits are endless.

4.Design Thinking:

“Thinking” in a simple term as ‘the process of considering or reasoning about something’, but the real question is, What is that something? and that’s a difference between normal people and the people who think beyond normal.
Mechanical engineers often get the situation where they need to think of the gist of the concepts of various products and mechanisms before it comes into reality.

Organizations like Apple and Google use the concept of design thinking in their day-to-day customer interface and thus have been able to design full-proof products which only has one outcome “Success”.

This ability helps to develop designs which are desired by the customer after in every business customer is the king.So how mechanical engineer use design thinking are :
1.For a better understanding of design, when to use it, and how to use the Visualization tool.

2. Define the Problem by Synthesising Information.

3. To generate innovative ideas focused on providing value to, and satisfying users’ needs.

4. Improve existing products and create new products with excellent business potential.

5. Organizations like Apple and Google use the concept of design thinking in their day-to-day customer interface and thus have been able to design full-proof products which only has one outcome “Success”.

When it comes to expressing and sharing our knowledge with the vast majority, blogging is the pivotal point.
And for Mechanical Engineering in which there are multiple subfields with amazing inventions and technology, one can share his specialization directly to the worlds.A Mechanical Engineer blogger can blog about:
1.Latest Mechanical Technology Blog

2.Engine Components Review blog

3.Blog about Cars, Bikes, Aviation and All Automobiles.

4.Blog about Various mechanical Engineering Concepts and principles.

5.Mechanical Skills Review Blog

6.CAD-CAM software training blog

6.Digital Marketing:
Now you have a good knowledge of product design, then why shouldn’t you implement in marketing.Product Design and Development engineer use vast research to come up with an innovative product, thus this research can be used parallel in finding marketing trends and well research product strategies.Starts with Digital marketing to open a new growing field in your career.Due to the high potential reach of Custom from Digital marketing day by day may industries are implementing it, Manufacturing industry to product development industry all required digital marketing, thus it opens a swing door for the mechanical engineer to leverage the benefits of digital marketing for core industries. After all mechanical engineer knows better about his field than any other non-core engineer.


You might have heard of the skill, but the question is which SAP module is best for Mechanical Engineers, as there we have:

1.SAP PP (Production Planning)

2.SAP PM (Plant Maintenance)

3.SAP MM (Materials Management)

4.Quality Management (SAP QM)

5.Sales and Distribution (SAP SD)

Choosing According to your interest is Important as we have a different interest in fields.But the basic goal is to Understand how to complete the business processes in SAP.It has a Good career opportunity and its a skill in demand.

8.Communication and Presentation:

Communication is the first and foremost thing to before you even get a job.
Having a good pace in both oral and verbal communication lead to the productive and seamless teamwork. There some benefits of communicating and presenting well are:

1.Project work Aquisition-Convincing your prospect and designing the solutions desired by him.

2.Providing and gaining a lucid understanding of the Workflow in industries.

3.Make people understand what idea you have and what technology you are explaining.

9.Graphics Designing:

Graphic designers create and assist in the creation of graphic imaging and illustrations for businesses.
Playing with Graphic is not just for artist or Computer Engineering People, Now Mechanical engineers are also Started using Graphics for the realization and Representation of the project models and for Sales marketing and advertising purpose. Some of the key Benefits that Mechanical engineers gain from Graphics are:

1.Can Easy to collaborate with a variety of people, such as other designers, art managers, sales personnel, and corporate executives.

2.Can be able to shift Career to Advertising, Promotions and Marketing Managers in same or another organization.

3.work as a freelancer and never got short of extra income.

4.Create graphics for mockups and variety of products

5.Get control over your Branding through graphics.

10.Finance Skills:

For those engineers looking for additional business and finance knowledge or who want to make better decisions in their financial life, there are a wealth of educational settings to learn finance.
Having a good financial understanding guides these decisions better. This skill elevates the mechanical engineer thought leader in an organization which involves project sustainability and strategic directions. Some of the financial skills that help mechanical engineer are:

1.For making a better decision on raw material and goods.

2.For evaluation of product financial cycle and future investments in product.

3.Creating the framework for the decision relevant to the finance of the organization future prospects.

4.Be able to build a Cash Flow statement and values of the company.

Skills are easy, attitude is hard. Great mechanical engineers are insanely curious
about everything in the world. Don’t Just Wait, Start Learning Today


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