If you have No Money, then Start this Business

This is Especially for the guys who are into Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Interior Design, Architecture or someone who is in 3D design and Rendering.

So with absolutely no money Yes you can Start but with Absolutely fewer Skills, at least from my side there is no business can sustain.

So how are you gonna start your so-called No money invested Business?

If you are in College, just get your hands intensive in 3D Modeling and Designing, find People or Your College and show them your work and how you made some of the most difficult parts in 3D. And tell them that you can help if they need help in 3D.

  • Output: You will get to know how you can solve the problem in 3D design on which people are facing. Or maybe you become a mentor to them in their 3D assignment and Projects.
  • Input: Intensive Practice in 3D software (Choose the 3D software that you like )

Start searching for the People in College or Outside who make the Final year as well as mini Projects for students and show them you work. Ask them for 3D if they have, Apparently, they do have many projects to outsource and earn more so they might give you the picture of the developed physical model and you have to reverse engineered on that.(I think an easy one)

  • Output: You got to know how you can build 3D in reverse and also you started earning (not very good but at least you started)Keep that money for further investment in your upcoming business.
  • Input: Find as many people who are making projects for college as possible so that is someone don’t want, you can easily ask another one. This will also increase your network which is gold mines in the world of business.

Now You started making a good connection with people and make money just by 3D modeling and also working with Project Makers. Start using freelancing Website like Fiverr, Upwork, Peopleperhour whatever you like. Tell your friends and students that you will give a discount if they pay using this website (using website transaction) and give reviews for your work (don’t worry they always give positive reviews if your work in good).

  • Output: Now slowly you are moving to good rating and reviews where you will surely get regular clients and they repeatedly want to work with you in 3D design (this applied for all branches who can work with 3D design)
  • Input: Little Patience and more Practicing

When you get good regular clients then start contacting guys who are good at 3D, test them and hire them remotely.

  • Output: Till now you will get a good amount of money but don’t just waste it, re-invest in your knowledge in business and learn how to start and work with different business verticles.
  • Input:Your earned money till date.

At this stage you know need to know how you can start, just learn how you can sustain and retain your clients or customers.

I know this looks good in imagination, but these are the exact steps my mentor told me and I am on my way build something huge. My friends also started doing in their domain.

So I can guarantee you, you can never lose anything, its a win-win situation. Because you started with Zero, so there is nothing to lose, its just gain in people networking, skills upgrade, and better growth mindset.

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Thank you for reading

Best of luck for your future Business.

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